Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

This was an exciting day for me, as I recall. I finally caved and made my roommate happy by agreeing to pick up the game and play Horde with him on Mannoroth. And so my COW WARRIOR was born! That first day of questing was actually difficult. Those of you who are Wrath and Cata babies, or even BC babies wouldn't fully understand what it was like to play during the release of classic.

Picture this: No nerfed experience needed per level, no quest objectives shown on the map or a mod that points you in the right direction, you're running through a zone that you've never quested through and no one else has really quested through, there are at least 20 other newbies competing for the starting zone mobs/pickup items, and you don't have a rich main to pass you gold or buy bags for you. How fast would you be able to progress through your quests then?

It took me 6 months to hit level 60, whereas now it takes what, two to three weeks of casual play? Big difference.

I was ecstatic when I killed a wolf and he dropped a 6-slot bag. A whole 6 slots more added to my main bag! I remember learning herbalism and alchemy since they sounded good together. I was supposed to be questing but there I was, constantly distracted by the little yellow dots on my mini-map. It became a race to see if I could reach the plants before one of the other 20 people did. (And remember, there was no experience gain from gathering back then so I wasn't leveling at all in my obsession to pick plants.)

The guild that I was in was at least lively and friendly, which made that first day a little less daunting. I was invited almost immediately, maybe just a half-hour after I started playing. I remember our GM was level 20 or so already. I thought he was so cool and I was so jealous, lol. My first day will always be remembered with fondness, though I am glad they've made the game just that much easier since then.

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