Monday, 15 April 2013

For the Horde!

As mentioned in a previous blog post, my guild (and the entire Silver Hand server, really) has been dying/dead for quite some time now. In searching for a new home, I decided to make a character on Zul’jin since it was a relatively progressed server with a large population. Last I checked, Zul’jin was #11 in progression while Silver Hand was #156. Tanmaya later informed me that Silver Hand fell even further to #193 later that week. The extent of progression is quite prominent; on ZJ, I was surprised at how many people were pugging heroic modes for tier 14 already whereas on SH, very few guilds had even finished those as a group. 

The amount of active subs on ZJ far exceeds SH also, at 15,000+ subs to 3000+. I can put up obscure and obsolete items like Hearts of Darkness on the AH and they’ll actually sell. Good luck trying to sell such items on the market of SH. Items in general are cheaper on ZJ also since the population is too large for any one person to corner the market, which has been such a huge problem on SH. And with such a large population, one would think that the amount of trolls on ZJ would be higher, but luckily such is not the case. People actually use Trade to spam for – gasp – Trade-related things! On SH, ads for guild recruitment or pug raids would be drowned out by all the trolls in Trade; on ZJ, the trolls are the ones being drowned out. What a wonderful twist of events.

It is a little more difficult to farm things on such a high-pop server, though, so there are some drawbacks. Gatherers and rare-hunters will find stiff competition. With so many people on the server, it can also be difficult to remember which guilds and players one should avoid when trying to form pugs. For those of us who don’t have top-of-the-line rigs, densely-populated areas such as Orgrimmar and the Shrine of Two Moons are hell on frame rates, even with all settings turned down to Fair. 

And you might be wondering, “Why, Rhu… What are you doing in the Shrine of Two Moons?” Yes, after 8 years of being a human crusader for the Silver Hand, Rhulain now belongs to the Blood Knight order. I felt it was time for a change and so long as I was changing servers, I might as well switch factions, too. So far, I don’t regret it. Though the Horde are not largely deemed to be as “honorable” as the Alliance, I find them to be much more interesting. My only complaint is that I absolutely can’t stand Garrosh and wish for him to die in a (very large) fire. Vol’jin once threatened to “be there to end [Garrosh’s] rule” after which Garrosh spit at his feet. I think it’s time soon for Vol’jin to make good on that threat. I’ve only been Horde for a few months and I’m already tired of Garrosh’s attitude. Vol’jin would make an excellent warchief, I think. Even Baine, who although is young, will be a better warchief since he’s proven to be his father’s son. Thrall must have been out of his damned mind, passing the title to Garrosh…

One by one, I will be moving my characters to Zul’jin. I have a lot of memories on Silver Hand and will likely leave my lower-level alts there for nostalgia, but it’s definitely time to move on, though the decision to do so didn’t come to me easily. And so here begins a new chapter for Rhulain.

At least I kept her original hair style? lol

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