Friday, 14 December 2012

Friends on the Farm

I'm still really enjoying the farm aspect over at Halfhill. As a Harvest Moon fan, it would be awesome if WoW had more "active" rewards upon reaching Best Friends with each individual Tiller that are similar to how things are done in the console game. For example:

Old Hillpaw - Provides chickens. If chickens could be looted for Wildfowl Breast, it would really help with skilling up cooking or turning in the cooked dish for rep with Farmer Fung. They could even be looted for Farm Chicken, like what Sungshin sells and more higher-level recipes could have been added to use this ingredient for skill-up.

Ella - Gives you a cat. The cat could help chase off virmen and hawks from the farm. I can't stress how annoying it is to have two rows full of scavengers.

Sho - Adds an orange tree to Sunsong Ranch. The tree could yield a specific amount of oranges a day, say 5 or 10, and these oranges could be eaten like buff food that gives 150 to your top stat or something along those lines.

Fish Fellreed - Provides pigs. Perhaps these could be made into "truffle pigs" that root around and find the Shadelight Truffles needed for the cooking quest.

Farmer Fung - Provides a yak that could give a daily yield of yak milk.

Chee Chee - Provides sheep. Maybe the sheep could give a daily yield of wool fluff that tailors can turn into Windwool Cloth

Haohan Mudclaw - Provides a mushan. Miss Fifi could grab the tangled plants and pull on those for you.

Jogu - Could help make the pond on the farm deeper and wider so that it can be fished from. (Maybe this would be the type of project to help him sober up...)

There are a lot of players in WoW who don't really get "hardcore" so they do things like the pet battles and the farming to leisurely pass the time. If Sunsong Ranch could provide a more engaging environment where a player can really spend some time there, it might be enjoyable for the casuals and even for the not-so-casual, like myself, who might not feel like running LFR or heroics on some days. 

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