Monday, 14 January 2013

"Just ask."

Oops, been a month since I made a post! I was busy with the holidays and exams and I was also sort of writing a holy paladin guide. But more about that another time!

My guild raid group seems to have an overabundance of healers right now so I've been trying to gear out my death knight so that I can provide some dps instead. I am currently chain-running heroics like crazy. Plate drops and other dps items have not been plentiful; I've only seen 4 items so far in about a week and some days. And you know what? Tanks have rolled against me for each one of those items. I will, though, not include the tank who rolled against me on Ook's Hozen Slicer because 1) He asked me first if it was okay for him to roll on it; 2) I know that sword is BiS for tanks pre-raid. I won the sword and he didn't complain, was just happy I let him have the chance to roll on it. But all of the other tanks wouldn't give up the dps items that they won, items which I believe I have more right to than they do. I asked nicely and was either awarded silence or hit with rudeness.

Today was no different. Bracers of the Fallen Crusade dropped and I said in chat, "Finally! Those are a big upgrade for me." (This part was cut out in the screenie, got pushed too far up by the time I was able to take a shot.) And I rolled on it. Ten seconds later, the tank rolls need on them and wins. The following discussion occurs:

Apparently, I was being bitchy. But come on, I even said in chat that it was an upgrade for me! Which means that I needed it badly. The tank took a whole ten seconds before he decided to roll, so I don't buy the "oops," (Here's Your Sign moment #1) as that roll couldn't have been an accident. As for his guildie, I don't even know what the "And u tank?" comment was about because I don't even understand what she meant by that. After asking clarification, I got nothing. At the end of the run, the tank asks, "Did u want bracers?" (Here's Your Sign #2) and I said "I would, if you don't mind." So he hands them to me and says, "Next time, just ask." (Here's Your Sign #3). I shouldn't have HAD to ask because firstly, I said in chat when the item dropped that I needed it and secondly, because it was off-spec for him and main-spec for me. He shouldn't have rolled on it in the first place.

I am not a fan of the changes to LFR's loot rules since you can trade stuff you get, but don't need, to other people who could use it. But I am becoming a fan more and more of the "assigned loot" aspect of it. I am so tired of losing healing/spirit gear to mages and warlocks on my druid and tired of losing dps gear on my DK to inconsiderate tanks.

/end rant

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  1. I hate this self-entitled BS tanks and some healers run around with when it comes to DPS gear. I don't know if they do it as some kind of "retaliation" for DPSers rolling on "their gear" or what, but it was obvious you needed that for main spec and that was for the tank's OS.

    Unfortunately Blizzard passively supports this kind of crap with the excuse being you can "chain run dungeons for more chances at loot," which explains why I see locks winning The Price of Progress (healing trinket) off Gandling in Scholo and refusing to give it to a healer (despite the mana return proc being activated BY HEALS) because "it's got int and an upgrade for me."