Sunday, 28 October 2012

I'm sorry that I need to level my herbing?

So I guess because I'm level 83, I have no right to be picking herbs in WPL. I have to leave them there for people "who need to level the skill." People can be so damn annoying when it comes to this kind of thing... If you haven't had any herbs in the past three zones you've been in and if you can't fly out in the old zones like I can, then I'm sorry but that's not my problem. As I said above, I least I was courteous enough to leave the herbs that I no longer got skill ups from. Sue me for trying to level my professions.


  1. I take it this efftard missed the announcement that cross realm zoning is live now, and because of this he's competing with 4-6 other servers worth of farmers FOR THE SAME GATHERING NODES. But no, clearly he needs to single you out because you're level 83 and obviously a greedy ass, lol.

    Prime example of why I loathe CRZ.

    1. I personally love CRZ. I've experienced 0 issues with gathering professions, as they also spawn faster, the more people are collecting them.

    2. Eh, maybe I've just lucked out and run into the worst of the worst WoW has to offer thanks to CRZ on our server. I hate going into Hellfire because it becomes worse than Barrens chat with all the shouting on General over "zomg no moar nodes, you [expletive] stop farming my [expletive] nodes" or trolling over which server fails the hardest.

      It has, however, made grouping up for some of the harder low level quests out there easier to do, so that's a plus.

      -Tan cause OpenID won't cooperate with me for my blog. Stupid Wordpress!

    3. I honestly think that the people we're in the CRZ with are just a bunch of whiny babies compared to other server groups. As Nica said, the plants in WPL that evening were respawning ridiculously fast. And I was only flying around the outside rim of it so all of the plants in the middle of the zone were up for grabs. I really don't know what that person was complaining about. I was only picking Khadgar's Whisker and Blindweed, so Kingsblood, Fadeleaf, and Liferoot were still there for him to pick. I even passed by ALL of the herbs that I left alone each time I made a lap around. He was just whining for the sake of it.

      Clearly he was envious since my druid could not only fly out there but could herb in flight form, amirite?

    4. That person was just QQing and freaking out because you were a level 83 farming herbs in the area, and you could snag them faster than s/he could, even with an increased respawn rate. Still doesn't give them the right to be a jerk about it. And yes, we do have a lot of whiners, but what do you expect when we're grouped with other RP servers?

      (No, not everyone on an RP server is a whiner, but a lot of them do live up to the stereotype, unfortunately....)