Monday, 22 October 2012

Take your rare spawns and SHOVE IT.

So sick of rare spawns having nearly 2m health and at least one lethal ability each, which I usually die at least once to as I try to figure out which one of them will instantly kill me. And I'm killing these things as a prot paladin. I can't even imagine trying to do this on my mage or priest. Blizzard doesn't want players farming rares like before. Okay, I get it. But the loot is already soulbound so why make players spend upwards of 5 minutes trying to kill a mob that has a chance to drop something completely useless and is not tradeable? I give up, I refuse to waste my time killing any more of these. I've killed at least a dozen and not a single one of them ever dropped anything useful for my trouble. It's just not worth it for me.

/ragedelete NPCscan


  1. One in Krasakhskahhsang dropped epic hunter pants for me. Apart from that, nothing of worth; just clothie blues if even that, so I agree. Plus, the rares that pop up on NPCScan are also almost always dead. I hate playing on a big server. ;_;

    Some of the spawns are difficult-to-impossible even to a hunter with a tenacity-specced spirit beast due to kill-in-one-blow abilities, so you need a group for them. That sucks.

  2. While I've experienced some extreme pain in the ass moments with Ai-ran the Shifting Cloud in the Vale, I believe he could be soloable by me (elemental shaman) with proper planning. I've just began to hate the panda mobs so much that I end up rage-interrupting the wrong spells and not use my brain enough or stay patient to figure out a proper cooldown rotation. I'd also like to have more shots at those melee mogu.

    Mostly avoiding stuff in different ways, whether it's not standing in it, having to keep moving or interrupting it, works quite well.

    1. There was the one panda monk in a shrine in Krasarang that I tried to kill. While he was not hostile, the sha around him were. I cleared the sha so I'd have room to kite during his whirlwind, but they'd respawn before I could kill the monk so I'd promptly die. Same deal with the fishman in VotFW, he had hostile cranes all around him. Luckily there was another paladin there so we grouped up to kill him but even then, it was a pain with the cranes respawning so quickly or patting into us.

  3. But bro, you're forgetting the best achievement EVER right here. THAT is why we fight these silly rares!