Monday, 13 August 2012

Fail players and LFR = Looking For Rage.

I actually hate saying "back in my day..." but truly, sometimes it just needs to be said. Coming from a player who remembers what it was like to not have epic ground mount speed until 60, how it took up to level 40 before I ever even saw 2g, and when DPS were asked to wait for 5 sunders from a warrior tank (which was the only viable tank in those days) before touching a boss, I despise people who complain about how "hard" the game is.

The game is handed to you on a silver platter. If you spent less than 6 months leveling from 1-60 with regular gameplay, you do not have the right to complain. If you didn't spend 13 hours in one Alterac Valley match, stop your bitching. If you never had to sit in an actual LFG channel asking people on your own server to group with you for dungeons, stfu about your 30-minute DPS queue.

Oh, need gold to buy epic flight? Why don't you go do about 5 quests, that should get you enough. What was that? This is your first toon and you don't know how to quest very well? I guess you'll have to learn like the rest of us did, then. What do you mean, why do you need to learn? If you have to ask me why, then you should end your subscription right now. (This was an actual conversation I had with someone in-game.)

Last night, I was in Vortex Pinnacle and the priest who was healing died right after Asaad's first Supremacy of the Storm because he stood outside of the grounding field like a fail. He says to me, "I guess that's what aggro gets me." I replied with, "You have to stand in the triangle. It wasn't aggro." To that, he replied with, "Yes, it was." Are you stupid or something? I had the highest threat, as a level 85 tank in a normal dungeon, followed by my husband who was second in threat on his level 82 hunter doing 12k dps. Even the awful Arms warrior doing 7k at 84 and the ridiculous Combat-daggers rogue doing 5k dps at 84 were above the priest on threat. But instead of holding himself accountable for his stupidity, he blames me for letting him get aggro. Yea. Right.

Earlier this week I was in a Raid Finder run where the Blood DK tank was dual-wield tanking. Even back in the early DK days, dual-wield tanking was never viable. All the more it shouldn't be done on this expansion. This guy was a real piece of work. Granted, he was very-well geared with heroic-level DS items (so not sure why he was in raid finder in the first place) and was easy to heal, his attitude was terrible. He kept trying to kick out a ret paladin because "his dps is shit" when the guy was in the top 3 on damage done. He only disliked the paladin because the paladin called him out on dual-wield tanking. Resolve of Undying dropped. Neither of the tanks needed it, so it would have been up for grabs to those of us rolling for offspec. The ret paladin rolled and as soon as he did, the DK rolled on it out of spite. Since he didn't need it, he promptly disenchanted it. I was angry since I could have used it and I would have won it. Next, Gurthalak drops and of course the ret paladin rolled on it. Again, the DK saw him roll so he rolled on it and he won that also. And again, in spite since he had the heroic version of the sword, he disenchanted it. What a dickhead. I can't wait until the loot mechanics for LFR change in MoP.

As if that weren't bad enough, there was a resto druid in that raid that was doing less healing than that Blood DK. Thinking that he could roll on caster dps items, he switched to Balance for Madness without telling the raid. Healers were going crazy trying to figure out why the raid couldn't be kept alive during the last few platforms. I look at the healing meters and see that the druid was pitiful. So I hover over him and notice that his spec is Balance now. I tell the raid, he gets booted. We get a new healer who actually performs the role he queued up as and we win. Seriously, how difficult was that?

Gone are the days when the game was difficult enough to deter most idiots. But now everything is spoon-fed to new players and it only fuels their unrealistic thoughts that they actually are good players. Granted that there were a lot of things about vanilla WoW that didn't like, I still wish that more players of old still played to at least dilute the pool of morons that have surfaced in recent years.

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