Monday, 27 August 2012

Magus Tirith's Regalia (cloth)

I just recently completed this set for my mage, which is the green and purple recolor of the Flirtation Regalia. This was a fairly easy set to gather since they are quests rewards from Thousand Needles and the mobs are low 40's. It did, however, require some time investment. The only difficult part of it for me (and I'm sure most of you will not even have to worry about this) is that to get the shoulders, I needed to turn in a quest to a Gadgetzan NPC. I was hated with the goblins because I farmed out Bloodsail rep for the Bloodsail Admiral title. So in order to cash in my quest, I had to turn in roughly 3600 pieces (not stacks, thank the Light) of mageweave just to hit neutral. But otherwise, a fairly easy set to obtain with a high-level toon!

Note: In order to unlock these quest lines, you must complete a long line of quests that begins with The Grimtotem are Coming. The quests must be completed in order so be sure not to skip anything.

I headed to Thousand Needles for Hands of the ChosenBlood Waders, Send-Off Belt, and Magus Tirith's Robes.  The quest lines for these rewards begin with the following quests:

Gloves - Grimtotem Chiefs: Isha Gloomaxe
Boots - Darkcloud Grimtotem
Belt -  Eminent Domain
Robes - Haunted

Tanaris has Oasis Mantle and Southsea Hood (although I don't think I will show the helm).

Shoulders - Blood to Thrive
Hood - Dead Man's Chest

There wasn't much point to getting the pants since they don't show under the robes anyway. Besides, the quest was out in Badlands, which is quite the detour from where all of the other pieces drop. Bracers don't show also but you can get Evil Dolly's Cuffs from the quest With a Little Help..., which is also part of the long quest chain in Thousand Needles.

I would also like to point out that during this long quest chain I also acquired pieces of the original Regalia set and other recolors for the set.

Original Flirtation Regalia

suspicious slippers
belt of false promises
bouyant shoulderpads
speedbarge leggings
twizzlefixxit's vest (replacement for the robe)

Fire-Gizzard Regalia (red and tan)
mantle of invocation

Glassweb Regalia (aqua and brown)
hood of disgrace
prideling down leggings

And here is what Xera the mage looks like with her Flirtation Regalia recolor! I added the Soulkeeper staff, as the green flame goes nicely with the set.


  1. I love all of these sets and re-colours. Unfortunately I did the old loremaster and then the new loremaster when Cata was released (long before any mention of transmog) and DE'd or vendored all of the pieces! Gutted. I can however get them on my Mage alt which is something.

    Also the sprite darter is my favourite pet in game! He's adorable :3

    1. I know what you mean about the old quests. There was a robe quest reward in Elwynn that I really wanted because it was pretty, only to find out that I did the quest looong ago and of course vendored the robe :( I even put in a ticket to see if I could get it restored but sadly, no dice *sigh* I wonder how many other awesome quest rewards I've vendored before transmog was available...