Monday, 13 August 2012

Firelands like a boss.

I wasn't lucky (or perhaps unlucky?) enough to hit up Firelands when it was more relevant but I joined a cross-server raid for it today. The raid was competent and actually not fail, which is the norm in LFR (see my previous rant post) so it was a nice change. Raid lead was cool, and even though we had to wipe and redo some bosses because of a few failed achievement attempts, he never got all madbro about anything. Will definitely be doing that again!

*zeldapose* Achievements!!

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  1. See, not all cross-realm raiding is bad! :D

    Granted, you can be a lot more selective for the premade cross-realm raids, but still. You did really well considering 1) you could barely hear the raid lead on vent, though he was pretty chill, and 2) I was whispering you the quick and dirty of how to holy pally up Firelands for each fight. Knocking out 3 achieves for the FL meta (including Barrel Roll, which everyone always says is such a pain in the arse) AND full clearing it in what, 4 hours your first time is pretty baller indeed!

    OpenRaid ( is a really good place if you want to do the old (read: not current tier) content for achieves and stuff, just ignore the raids that ask for Firelords/Dragonslayers/Saviors etc to carry them and you'll be fine. All my cross realm raiding experiences with them have been pretty good, and with the reputation and comments system in place on the site it is very easy to look up a raid leader or other raiders and see if they are worth their salt or are tools. Just something to check out if you want to once BattleTags are implemented into WoW (because I know you don't like having your RealID all over the place) and you can always delete the Raid Lead off your friends list after the raid if you don't want them having your info.