Friday, 17 August 2012

My kingdom for some boots!

I really don't understand why Blizzard has entire armor sets in game...but have no matching boots for them. This is especially odd considering the transmogging craze they started since introducing the option to players to change the look of their armor. I got it in my head to start collecting the Justicar Armor recolor for my paladin. I just turned in the legs and shoulders last night, squeed about how awesome the recolor is since there isn't much darker armor for paladins, then realized there were no boots available at the vendor. I look them up on Wowhead and, of course, in bold red letters "This item is no longer available within the game."

Really, Blizzard? Really...?

How can the entire set be available except the boots?? What exactly is the point of just removing one piece of the set but leaving the rest in the game?

There have been other sets I've come across that were missing matching boots. But sadly, this asinine trend doesn't stop at boots. I began to look up  mats for Glacial Robe for my mage. It wasn't until I searched for Glacial Mantle that I realized this item was no longer available in the game, either. The Revenant armor would look amazing on my Draenei paladin (with a purple Illidari tabard, of course) but the shoulders that are supposed to match the set actually are a completely different color.


There are a number of sets in the game that either have shoulders as part of the set but the shoulders don't match the armor's color. Or there are just no shoulders at all. I was lucky on my rogue to find Demonic Runed Spaulders since the Cadaverous Garb that I spent months farming do not have matching shoulders. Not quite so lucky on the Death Knight; I have yet to find decent shoulders to match the Deathbone Guardian set. It is a shame that the shoulders worn by Alexi Barov do not seem to exist for players in the game.



  1. Irritating, isn't it? At least the Wowhead comments for a lot of those sets have decent suggestions on what to use for those spots whenever possible. It does look like for most of the sets in later expansions that Blizzard devs made more of an effort to provide full sets. Never understood the deal with taking out certain pieces for stuff like the Arena sets, though. Do people really need to be special snowflakes?

    Or even better, steal the "dye" concept from Diablo 3, and make it so we can change the colour of a particular piece that meshes well with the rest of the set (or is part of the same set just a different colour), this way people aren't frustated to see a certain set has a belt in ONE colour, but they prefer a different one for transmog.

    I suggest the Justice Bearer's Pauldrons for the Revenant Armor set though. At least they're purple?

  2. Yes, the dye concept would be a great idea! There are a lot of sets that use the same models for items but have different colors. If we had die, I could just change the color of the boots from Moroes to match the arena set...

    I do plan on snagging the purple judgement shoulders, for sure. For the meantime - since knowing my luck, it will take forever to get the drop - I found Talonguard Epaulets that are green with the same color purple trim. The green might look out of place but luckily the Illidari tabard I plan on getting is purple and green so it works!